1. DEAD7 is available in Japan!

    Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 5:29 PM Jun 1 Comments
    Jun avatar

    Finally,finally we got Dead7 in Japan! Let me explain,I knew Dead7 DVD was available on Amazon US but we can't order it since we has different region problems. And I also knew Blue-ray was on Best buy, we can play Blue-ray so I tried to order but Best buy doesn't have internet shipping. I've been sad cause I was lucky to watch it at Premiere in LA but many Japanese fans can't watch...

  2. Isn't this nice.....

    Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 8:41 AM SilleTravn 1 Comments
    SilleTravn avatar

    Hey everyone.. Just read a lot of the spotlight stories! They all were amazing.. I haven't been able to meet Nick YET, but I will next year, when the BSB goes on world tour (hopefully!) But I have had many interactions with Nick on Twitter - and I'm so thankful for that! I freak out every time! Haha.. And that's what I love about this fandom and the BSB fandom - we relive all...

  3. Hi

    Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 4:08 AM Ivana 1 Comments
    Ivana avatar

    It's kind of slow here. Nick doesn't do much on this site. Must be busy with personal things in life #prioritise

  4. BSB/NC Plans

    Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 4:27 PM lil_miss_kaos88 3 Comments
    lil_miss_kaos88 avatar

    SO, I was in Vegas for the last show in July with one of my Brian girls. My BFF (who is also a Brian girl) couldn't attend unfortunately. Since her birthday is in Feb, and I really want her to go, I purchased us GA tickets for that night. I'm also planning on getting our VIP's for that night. She's super excited. I cant wait to see her face when we get to Vegas, and when we're at the show. I...

  5. I'm an NC fan for life!

    Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 5:15 PM sbkkb 2 Comments
    sbkkb avatar

    I was out shopping with my sister yesterday and I had my "NC" water bottle with me. Anyways, she asked me what it stood for and then was like "Oh my God. You'll be that 65 year old woman at his concert!" I said "You bet I will be! If he's still touring I'll be there" (that goes for the rest of BSB too!) I like what I like and I'm proud of that! I make no apologies. Music is music. I think...

  6. September

    Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 7:56 AM Ivana 1 Comments
    Ivana avatar

    This month is kind of nice because it's my bday month. I will take a week off work to go to NYC. That will be nice for a change. I feel like I need some time off. Just to recharge. I don't have the easiest job so it's nice to just be able to get away for a second. I wonder what Nick is upto. How is his life behind closed doors. I still like Nick. I don't know why. I met him few times and I...

  7. NC Swet Package

    Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 1:27 AM lil_miss_kaos88 6 Comments
    lil_miss_kaos88 avatar

    So, I received my Swet Package today! (It was expected to arrive Monday the 11th, so you can imagine I was extremely pleased with the change in delivery lol) These are the most awesome and comfortable sweats !!!! I'm wearing them as I speak. They fit perfectly! I look forward to using the water bottle ALL THE TIME!!! If it's a package you're waiting for, or debating on purchasing, it's...

  8. KimTheKaotic avatar

    Well, in July I was so excited to think I was going to go to Vegas. I was thinking in my head how easy this was going to be to save up money. For the first month I got a good sum of money saved up, then in August things started to go down hill. My rent went up, money began to get tighter. The excitement began to fade. My boyfriend knew how bad I wanted to go, so he didn't say anything. I...

  9. To my fav BoyBand Architect!

    Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 2:35 AM Camii_ni 0 Comments
    Camii_ni avatar

    Hi, Nickolas!! Congrats on this amazing job you did on Boy Band! I got really happy seing you exploring a new side of being an entertainer! I know you enjoyed and appreciated very much this experience and with your humility you were able to learn more! This is something I really love about you, you are always eager to learn and to challenge yourself to be a better entertainer and, most...

  10. SwayShay avatar

    Thanks to Nick and email reminder, but I will be back next month sometime, and because it'll take sometime to save up because I want the 60.00 package this time, I've done the digital for a few years, it's time I treat myself and ya know winter is coming so yes those sweats will come in handy! ;)

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