Chicago, IL

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03/19/16 Time TBA

IMPORTANT: VIP Check-in emails with all necessary details you will need in order to participate in the VIP event will be sent to the email address provided by you during checkout 1-2 days before your event. If you have not received your VIP Check-in email 1-2 days before your event, please make sure to check your Junk / Spam folders. If you are still unable to locate the email, please contact support by heading to: Fan Support

House of Blues
329 N Dearborn Street
Chicago , IL 60610
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  1. Angela TVS avatar

    On Mar 19, 2016, Angela TVS said:

    I have a feeling we are all going to be rushed around like crazy. :-P But should be a good time. And yea...I really wish I would have known I needed to be there by 2:30 longer ago than TODAY! LoL. That system is not really the greatest. I had to change all my paid driver stuff around. I couldn't wait till the day before to give at least an idea. Anyways. Can't wait! Going to be super fun! Hope everyone else has a great time too!!!

  2. Heather Marie avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, Heather Marie said:

    Wow, I just found out doors for this event are at 5:30... With Lunch being @ 1, I feel like everything's going to be all rushed for doors so early... Hopefully it's not.

  3. Heather Marie avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, Heather Marie said:

    In Raleigh he took the stage around 8:30-9ish and the show was over close to 11/11:30 i believe? that really doesn't give you the best answer I'm sorry... I know I did the after show selfie and I was the last in line and left around 12:45.

  4. agatafoster avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, agatafoster said:

    Anyone know how long his concert is?

  5. Heather Marie avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, Heather Marie said:

    Angela, the $100 on merch selfie he's been doing is a selfie for after the show. As far as the photograph for the VIP session, it's taken by Josh with a professional camera, you'll be able to find your picture in the media section of this site once they've been uploaded, also I'm pretty sure your VIP email will have a link in it to tell you where you can get your VIP photograph.

    I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to buy a VIP at the door, I'm doing the lunch though, would someone mind forwarding me their VIP email so I know what time check in is and where to be and all that stuff? you can fwd it to my email: [email protected]!

  6. Angela TVS avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, Angela TVS said:

    As for parking, Christina...I highly recommend checking out park whiz or parking panda or any of those sites that let you pic a spot and reserve it. Also, maybe consider calling the HOB and seeing about valet. I think they have a garage next to them that they park cars in, however, likely a bit pricey...

  7. Angela TVS avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, Angela TVS said:

    Thank you so much, guys! :) I am super excited! --- And just a side question, out of curiosity, does anyone know how the "rules" go for the pic with Nick? I don't mean inappropriate poses, I mean like, who takes it? Is he willing to do a selfie? I also heard somewhere that if you spend $100 on merch, that he will do a selfie with you (extra, I presume). Any truth to that rumor? Cause I will likely spend that much anyways! ;)

  8. Christina Lowe avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, Christina Lowe said:

    Does anyone know where to park at the house of blues?

  9. MissSarah avatar

    On Mar 18, 2016, MissSarah said:

    I also haven't gotten an email about VIP yet either. If it is usually before the show, do you know how early? I'm also coming from out of town and am trying to plan for parking and hotel stuff. Thanks ladies!

  10. Heather Marie avatar

    On Mar 17, 2016, Heather Marie said:

    The VIP is before the show.. Whenever we get our emails it'll have all the details about what time to meet, etc etc. Angela it usually works with VIPs get let in, Nick will play a couple songs, then they start the meet and greet line, he takes a picture with you, then some places you get to stay in the venue, sometimes They make you leave and re line up and go in when doors open. Hope that answer d your questions!

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