North Bay, ON

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11/08/16 6:30 PM

Fan Club Presale (Regular Concert Tickets & VIP Meet and Greet Upgrades): Tuesday, 9/13/16 at 10am - local market time


*please note: this sale will be for fan club members only until Wednesday, 9/13/16 at 10am EDT.  not a fan club member yet?  join here.

*please note: VIPs are sold as upgrades only.  you are required to have a ticket in addition to the VIP upgrade to participate.

*please note: VIP upgrade buyers will be emailed all necessary VIP check-in information 48 hours before the concert.


Public On-Sale: Friday, 9/16/16




Traveling To The Show?  Book with Wonderful Union.




Capitol Centre
150 Main St. E
North Bay , ON P1B 1A8
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  1. On Nov 7, 2016, Julie White said:

    That's awesome news, thanks for looking into it Michelle =)

  2. On Nov 7, 2016, Katie Palterman said:

    Awesome, thanks Michelle for calling!

  3. On Nov 7, 2016, Katie Palterman said:

    I wish they would send this email! I have to let know work what time I'm leaving tomorrow so I can drive to NB! I am also a planner and like knowing what I'm doing and when. This is killing me how last minute it is, haha

  4. On Nov 7, 2016, Michelle said:

    Ok so i called the fan support and they are still waiting for confirmation on the time that VIP is. Email should be sent out in the next few hours.

  5. On Nov 7, 2016, Michelle said:

    Has anyone heard who won the ultimate VIP for north bay???

  6. On Nov 7, 2016, Michelle said:

    I haven't heard anything, i keep checking my email.
    I like to plan my day also.
    Im going to be at the capital centre between 12noon and 1pm.
    i dont care how long i have to wait for vip lol
    see you all tomorrow!!!!!

  7. On Nov 7, 2016, alicia said:

    We'll get an email regarding vip later today. If it's the same as the last leg, vip check in should be at 3pm.

  8. On Nov 7, 2016, Julie White said:

    I still haven't heard anything either regarding VIP and it's making me quite anxious too....hopefully we hear something soon!!!!

  9. On Nov 7, 2016, Jenna B said:

    Has anyone gotten anything regarding VIP info? I like knowing things ahead of time so having not hearing anything regarding VIP yet makes me anxious. Dominique, tickets have been available at the Capitol Centre for pick up since the day of purchase. So if you go in while they're open with the proper ID you should be able to pick up your tickets.

  10. On Nov 7, 2016, Dominique Kruckel said:

    I haven't heard anything yet for VIP! I can't wait, what time should I go to the Capital Centre to get my tickets?

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