Belleville, ON

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11/11/16 7:00 PM

Public On-Sale: Friday, 9/02/16





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The Empire Theatre
321 Front Street
Belleville , ON K8N 2Z9
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  1. MelMuff avatar

    On Nov 14, 2016, MelMuff said:

    Banana_anne not sure if you will see this reply. I did research on transportation 2 months before the concert. Train and renting a car were around the came price, $80 like you said but even that was too expensive. My 3 other friends and I couldn't afford that. None of us make that much money and one of my friends is a stay at home mom with no income. We needed the cheap method of transportation. I had found it, Megabus, with a $1 fare to Kingston. But that's as far as we could get. After that, there was another bus from Kingston to Toronto airport with stops in Napanee and Belleville but they were pick up locations only. I contacted Megabus and they refused to drop off anyone unless we went all the way to Toronto and came back, which then it would turn into a drop off location. Anyway, that was stupid and out the window. So the only other alternatives were one of us to drive or use a ride sharing service like on Kijiji. After talking things over with my friends, none of us were confident enough to use a ride sharing service to find a stranger to drive us. And none of us were willing to drive neither. One of my friends and I refuse to drive anywhere far, another friend doesn't have a car and the other friend never offered. So we were pretty well stuck with no ride so I gave up. Maybe I did give up too soon but too late now. It's too back I didn't think of this sooner. I should have gone on the BSB Canadian Girls Facebook group and asked to see if someone there could have driven us. Anyway, at least I saw Nick in Montreal this past March. That was enough and got to save my money. :)

  2. Banana_Anne avatar

    On Nov 5, 2016, Banana_Anne said:

    I'm going to Belleville by train from Cornwall MelMuff. 80$ round trip. That's not too bad ;)

  3. MelMuff avatar

    On Nov 4, 2016, MelMuff said:

    Weird. In the e-mail that I got yesterday, there was suppose to be a Soundbites for Belleville but now there isn't one. I really want to have lunch with Nick. I will have to hope he will come back to Canada in the future and at least I saw him in Montreal back in March. Sadly I now have to work Friday so I cannot go to his concert, plus I cannot afford it and there is also no affordable public transportation to Belleville from Cornwall. :(

  4. Candice avatar

    On Nov 3, 2016, Candice said:

    What time does the VIP for Belleville start?

  5. Christine avatar

    On Nov 2, 2016, Christine said:

    omg i won the vips for Belleville! cannot wait!

  6. Nickette Kaos avatar

    On Sep 5, 2016, Nickette Kaos said:

    I'm selling 2 tix for Canada Toronto show of Nick Carter #AllAmerican 9th Nov.
    Face Value 55 dollars.
    ORCH ROW D, Seat 12
    ORCH ROW E, Seat 4

  7. Pamela Elmhirst avatar

    On Sep 2, 2016, Pamela Elmhirst said:

    I have a single ticket available for this show - Orch R, Row D, Seat 24. Selling for face value ($70 - after exchange rate).

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