1. On Dec 19, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    The winners of the virtual M&G have been announced?

  2. On Dec 18, 2020, Jeanannhart said:

    392615 Vernon v1t 7h4 2365071981

  3. On Dec 18, 2020, Ranger Rachel said:

    wonder union got back to me... the call is about 60 seconds... for those still on the fence about it.

  4. On Dec 17, 2020, Nicksgirl2020 said:

    I love you nick but i can’t afford that! I live in Canada so it will be even more $$.

  5. On Dec 17, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    it's too expensive i can't afford it

  6. On Dec 17, 2020, Elia Esther said:

    No, no... Carisimo.

  7. On Dec 17, 2020, Ranger Rachel said:

    i dont' there is a live stream i think thats a mistake

  8. On Dec 17, 2020, AnnaG83 said:

    Where do you buy the ticket only fir the streaming?

  9. On Dec 17, 2020, Ranger Rachel said:

    also we have to buy a ticket to the live stream? how much is that?

  10. On Dec 17, 2020, Ranger Rachel said:

    yea the only difference is the signed poster... is this call longer?