1. Dark Angel avatar

    On Jun 17, 2013, Dark Angel said:

    @TheLadySha' If this is scary you have to see the pic from halloween. :D This here is something from which i will not run. :P

  2. AlinaO avatar

    On May 28, 2013, AlinaO said:

    Lecker lecker yummy yummy yummy My Hero <33

  3. Laura avatar

    On Nov 10, 2011, Laura said:


  4. TheLadySha' avatar

    On Jul 2, 2011, TheLadySha' said:


  5. TheLadySha' avatar

    On Jul 2, 2011, TheLadySha' said:

    lol kinda scary lol but handsome

  6. Jaquelina del Valle Gutiérrez avatar

    On Mar 31, 2011, Jaquelina del Valle Gutiérrez said:

    The beautiful TRUTH here is that you are beautiful and I love u!!!!!!!

  7. Victoria A avatar

    On Dec 30, 2010, Victoria A said:

    OMG thats an amazing and gorgeous pic! LOVE IT!

  8. SophlovesNick avatar

    On Oct 12, 2010, SophlovesNick said:

    Thats a beautiful pic!!

  9. jennjenndeus avatar

    On Aug 24, 2010, jennjenndeus said:

    Amazing picture Nick! WOW!

  10. letzcarter avatar

    On Aug 18, 2010, letzcarter said:

    Damn, you look soooooo sexy! ♥ i love it!

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