1. Victoria A avatar

    On Dec 30, 2010, Victoria A said:

    Love that song! Its a very gd one! Great pic too!

  2. Kelly_BackstageFC avatar

    On Oct 24, 2010, Kelly_BackstageFC said:

    I love that song

  3. Meg avatar

    On Jul 10, 2010, Meg said:

    I love this song so much!! You two should perform it live sometime!!

  4. Nickely avatar

    On Mar 21, 2010, Nickely said:

    ok we can make the voices of a regaton music jijijij

    just take me there.

    Jessica C

  5. Clau SC avatar

    On Mar 1, 2010, Clau SC said:


  6. Yeleysa avatar

    On Jan 2, 2010, Yeleysa said:

    You look good together.

  7. Mariana avatar

    On Dec 30, 2009, Mariana said:

    you are a pretty cute couple! i love u carter!!!

  8. panteanii avatar

    On Dec 23, 2009, panteanii said:

    very nice look and smile

  9. Almu avatar

    On Nov 30, 2009, Almu said:

    You look great!

  10. Catherine avatar

    On Nov 28, 2009, Catherine said:

    Jennifer Paige is one lucky, lucky lady, getting to work with Mr C! They look awesome together! So jealous!!xx

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