1. On Jan 2, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    Nick, Howie D, and AJ are eating at Wendy's that day!

  2. On Dec 24, 2011, Mila said:

    delicia delicia assim vocĂȘ me mata..........rsrssrs ai se eu te pego

  3. On May 3, 2011, SwayShay said:

    ahh yes Wendy's haven't been there in forever!

  4. On Dec 20, 2010, Rose_Red said:

    I used to work at mac donalds... it was nice working there...
    but uhm... do you know how hard it is to stay away from the food... if you are the one preparing the burgers?!
    no Tacha... no don't do that Tacha.. you gotta stay fit common girl start eating that salade... NO NO I tell you! do not look at those burgers concentrate on your salade... sorry gotta get a burger!
    that did happen once in a while. mut not too much haha

  5. On Oct 12, 2010, SophlovesNick said:

    Yummy :D

  6. On Jul 31, 2010, Mariana said:

    oh yeah..and Im gonna believe that ahahhaa

  7. On Jul 18, 2010, Victoria A said:

    YaY Wendy's is awesome

  8. On Apr 25, 2010, BumbleYee said:

    Mmm chippies...

  9. On Apr 24, 2010, sofdlovesbsb said:

    lmao AJ would eat it all wouldn't he?lol Love this pic.

  10. On Apr 11, 2010, Nova Lova said:

    It's a commercial