Coke and a smile????

Coke and a smile????

  1. Mariana avatar

    On Jul 31, 2010, Mariana said:

    one please ;)

  2. BumbleYee avatar

    On Apr 25, 2010, BumbleYee said:

    I'd prefer the eliptical (is that how you spell it?) than a treadmill. Actually... they both suck. Much prefer water type workouts. Must be the aquarian in me...

  3. Nova Lova avatar

    On Apr 11, 2010, Nova Lova said:

    On a treadmill? THAT MAKES NO SENSE! I wouldn't be smiling, I'd be sweating! What, is the Coke supposed to be like the a carrot or something?! YOU HAVE NO SOUL

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