1. On Jan 6, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    Wow! Nick is wearing blue to highlight his SEXY blue eyes!

  2. On Mar 2, 2015, Anna_O said:

    I love you Nick !

  3. On Mar 2, 2015, Anna_O said:

    I live you Nick !

  4. On Sep 6, 2014, Sara1983 said:

    What a smile Nicholas!!!!!! Beautiful! :)

  5. On Jul 31, 2014, Kathy Dominguez said:

    Aww I love to see you smiling in pictures!!! You have such a beautiful smile!!!!

  6. On May 20, 2014, bbcarterclan said:

    i wanna die.

  7. On Feb 6, 2013, Carolina said:

    No wonder I love this man!!

  8. On Jul 29, 2012, Joby said:

    no comments...just wooow

  9. On Jan 8, 2012, Blizzard15 said:

    I love the new album - The song that's currently heavy in my playlist is IM TAKING OFF... GOOD WORK NICK!

  10. On Dec 10, 2011, rockstar/kc said:

    Nick I have to admit you are looking VERY Sexy and fine!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new album!!!!!!!!!!! I love the song "Burning up"! Cause you are on fire right now!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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