1. On Jun 25, 2009, Alexis_RN said:

    lmao true story! ;)

  2. On Jun 25, 2009, fAbY said:

    what r u thinkin?? :D

  3. On Jun 25, 2009, Frack's_Shorty said:

    Love it! Look Nick's in a corner! It's Nick's Corner! LOL

  4. On Jun 25, 2009, Yesi said:

    great photo !!

  5. On Jun 25, 2009, JennayHeartNick said:

    Careful a corner is NOT where you wanna be lookin like THAT...DAYAM!!!

    or maybe you do....ehehehe

  6. On Jun 25, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:

    is fabulous this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. On Jun 25, 2009, Meg said:


  8. On Jun 25, 2009, Dannynha Mansani said:

    OMG... this is def one of my favorite pictures ever... really... I swear... U look absolutely amazing on this red shirt... Oh boy!
    Congrats for all the amazing pictures, Carter boy!

  9. On Jun 24, 2009, MARIAN said:

    omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geeez i lovee them allll!!!

  10. On Jun 24, 2009, MTB said:

    what a model!!!!!!!!!!!!..... :P

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