Writing on the bus

Working hard writing for the new solo record.

Working hard writing for the new solo record.

  1. On Feb 19, 2011, letinick said:

    cute picture

  2. On Nov 14, 2010, Almu said:


  3. On Oct 31, 2010, Victoria A said:

    Cant wait to hear it! Its gonna be sooooooo awesome!

  4. On Sep 24, 2010, Ilze said:

    Great pic! And the song you wrote is definitely wonderful. I am excited about your album :)

  5. On Sep 22, 2010, Meg said:

    I love this pic!!

  6. On Sep 12, 2010, julia_julia said:

    God bless!

  7. On Aug 31, 2010, fAbY said:

    I want it NOW!

  8. On Aug 23, 2010, Unita said:

    He's just lively ! just like his owner ! :D

  9. On Aug 23, 2010, Nickely said:

    can I help you

    lots of love

    Jes Carter

  10. On Aug 22, 2010, JennayHeartNick said:

    A man and his guitar. You need to play that more on stage and soundchecks. OOO and the drums! I looove when you play the drums! I wanna see that live! I see you're still having fun with You're good at it! But then again, you are very artistic so it's really no shocker...

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