Writing on the bus

Working hard writing for the new solo record.

Working hard writing for the new solo record.

  1. On Aug 18, 2010, Jun said:

    I'm proud of you.
    Thanks for updating a lot of pics!
    I cannot wait for releasing your solo album.
    We know it sure be great:) Love you!

  2. On Aug 18, 2010, Planetmanu said:

    Great pic, very artistic :)
    And i'm so looking forward to the new solo....

  3. On Aug 18, 2010, katslave said:

    counting the days to hear your second album ... I die for love!!!!!! my heart scream

  4. On Aug 18, 2010, MissSudbury83 said:

    that picture looks like an old one ive seen over the years.

  5. On Aug 18, 2010, sofdlovesbsb said:

    Aww awesome,we can't wait to hear it.

  6. On Aug 18, 2010, Sweetcella said:

    I'm def. excited bout you working on the solo album. Can't wait!

  7. On Aug 18, 2010, Cate85 said:

    Great picture !!! cant wait for your new record !!!!

  8. On Aug 18, 2010, MARIAN said:

    Definitely a really good picture! :D

  9. On Aug 18, 2010, Frack's_Shorty said:

    this is awesome! I love it

  10. On Aug 18, 2010, Meg said:

    AW! I LOVE this pic!!

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