Did a great performance in fresno for a small crowd.

Did a great performance in fresno for a small crowd.

  1. On Jan 6, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:


  2. On Jan 29, 2012, Channel said:

    great pic

  3. On May 13, 2011, _areLi* aka Kaisa_kaos said:

    This was Napa Valley Nick, not Fresno...:) It was a pretty amazing show! I had a great time!.......and you stole my sharpie at the meet and greet lol

  4. On Apr 5, 2011, Meg said:

    Best night ever! I was sitting just to the right of AJ's stool. I flew from St. Louis to Napa just for that night. AMAZING!! :D

  5. On Jan 3, 2011, Megan said:

    Aww the club show that the radio station only had tix bestie got two tix right before they went on and we way across town....they need to come back I know so many people that wanted to go the acoustic set that night...even made the news

  6. On Nov 14, 2010, Almu said:


  7. On Aug 31, 2010, fAbY said:

    wheres AJ? .. I want that show in Puebla, MExico =D

  8. On Aug 30, 2010, Maria said:

    This photo doesn not look like it was from frsno..was it in march...I seen u guys on july 1. was it at the club...

  9. On Aug 30, 2010, Maria said:

    I was hoping the fresno was more fans, however, I believe the bsb didn't get alot of promotion here in fresno, so, better yet..We are not giving up..We still want you all to come back to fresno...

  10. On Aug 20, 2010, Nickely said:

    aaawww and alex?
    come to Monterrey to do a concert like that!! pleasee

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