1. On Jan 6, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    How cute he's being a DJ!

  2. On Jul 31, 2014, Kathy Dominguez said:

    I would love to have you DJing at my 30th birthday party, but it's to bad that you will be in Chicago on the day of my birthday.

  3. On Nov 10, 2011, Laura said:

    I would love to go to an after party and see you dj :)

  4. On Jan 27, 2011, Jorden Kirby said:

    DJ-Kid-Nicky ?

  5. On Dec 20, 2010, Rose_Red said:

    DJ Nick is in tha house!! so... where's the party at? :)

  6. On Nov 14, 2010, Almu said:


  7. On Sep 29, 2010, Krista said:

    I've heard that DJ'ing is a lot like performing as an actor. Any truth to that?

  8. On Aug 31, 2010, fAbY said:

    Serato is a software?

  9. On Aug 19, 2010, musicismylife said:

    I am sure it was a LOT of FUN. You´ve had a party going on there, thats for sure! They look like they are enjoying every moment.

  10. On Aug 19, 2010, alekrter ♥ said: