1. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On Jan 6, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:


  2. Gabbyta! avatar

    On Jun 25, 2012, Gabbyta! said:

    me encantoooo :))

  3. Alexis_RN avatar

    On Feb 8, 2012, Alexis_RN said:

    im in this picture haha

  4. Sisters-Angel & Lizzie avatar

    On Dec 17, 2011, Sisters-Angel & Lizzie said:

    Love this.

  5. Laura avatar

    On Nov 10, 2011, Laura said:

    I love what the picture says

  6. Ashley1280 avatar

    On Jun 18, 2011, Ashley1280 said:

    this pic is amazing...great job with editing

  7. SwayShay avatar

    On May 3, 2011, SwayShay said:

    Awww I love this! :)

  8. Lynne avatar

    On Apr 28, 2011, Lynne said:

    I remember that day so well! Found out the day before that I'd won the Platinum VIP in Miami, and there I am in the white!

  9. MsNoodlehead avatar

    On Jan 28, 2011, MsNoodlehead said:

    sry to say but i rather look INTO your eyes than to imagine how it is to look through them :P x well done, though hehe gotta love PS ;)

  10. Almu avatar

    On Nov 14, 2010, Almu said: