1. sofdlovesbsb avatar

    On Oct 11, 2009, sofdlovesbsb said:

    haha Looks like Andrew's having to much fun with
    Nice Pic.

  2. Jossy_Marte avatar

    On Oct 11, 2009, Jossy_Marte said:

    Always looking hot in red, that´s my fav color u wearing

  3. JennayHeartNick avatar

    On Oct 10, 2009, JennayHeartNick said:

    Wasn't Andrew the one that taught you to surf? lol. I just remember you saying that somewhere. Anyways, yep...much prefer the hot guy in the red hat and got tatts!!!!

  4. Nephyr avatar

    On Oct 5, 2009, Nephyr said:

    They seem pretty cool and warm :)

  5. MARIAN avatar

    On Oct 4, 2009, MARIAN said:

    LOL and i have to agree too with the girls... i prefer the hot guy with the red cap on and hot tattoos... wonder who that is...

  6. Jossy_Marte avatar

    On Oct 4, 2009, Jossy_Marte said:

    Kicking it!!!

  7. alekrter ♥ avatar

    On Oct 3, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:

    my love!!
    looks very cute!! =)

  8. Layze avatar

    On Oct 2, 2009, Layze said:

    You and only you baby! =)

  9. Dannynha Mansani avatar

    On Oct 2, 2009, Dannynha Mansani said:

    I don't know why, but I do prefer that hot and gorgeous blond boy with a red hat, just like the other girls here.
    He looks cute acting and being so professional.

  10. LKLoli avatar

    On Oct 2, 2009, LKLoli said:

    I actually have to agree with the girls that said about the preference for a blond perfect guy in a red hat!!