1. On Jan 18, 2012, OlgaLav said:

    The movie was not so hot, nothing special, but Nick was very convincing in it. I did believe him (his hero).

  2. On Jan 13, 2012, SimpleStubborn said:

    tatoo mam! whewwww! love you mr. nick carter

  3. On Nov 25, 2011, Melissa said:

    omg Nick looks so good, and Brandon Quinn is hot!!

  4. On Jun 21, 2011, Nicks1girl said:

    I will always love Nick's tattoo!

  5. On Jun 21, 2011, Nicks1girl said:

    Look at all them sexy boys yummy!

  6. On May 17, 2011, frederick said:

    i brought the movie you look so sexy in it i like bad boys o ya

  7. On Apr 24, 2011, sofdlovesbsb said:

    Great Pic,I remember Andrew and

  8. On Mar 5, 2011, musicismylife said:

    Cool and good looking guys. Like the picture!

  9. On Jan 27, 2011, Jorden Kirby said:

    love it! :)

  10. On Dec 20, 2010, Rose_Red said:

    oooh now you got me scared... :-p