Buds for life.

Brandon Quinn, Andrew Keegan, and me. I wouldn't mess with us.

Brandon Quinn, Andrew Keegan, and me. I wouldn't mess with us.

  1. On Sep 11, 2009, Sweetcella said:

    I really wish this was released. :) Thanks for posting the pic for us nick.

  2. On Sep 11, 2009, Gaby said:

    hahaha , :)

  3. On Sep 11, 2009, SwayShay said:

    great photo!! I so wish this movie would of came out! I was so interested in it!! Grrrrr!!!!

  4. On Sep 11, 2009, MARIAN said:

    Great pic!!!! when's the movie coming out????

  5. On Sep 10, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:


    i love it, nice pic!!

  6. On Sep 10, 2009, Dannynha Mansani said:

    Yeah! New pics \o/
    Is it from Fast Glass, isn't it? When is it going to be released?
    I gotta tell u, Carter boy, if u were trying to look a bad boy... I thought u did such a funny face, cute!

  7. On Sep 10, 2009, Mariecookie said:

    Hey Canyon!!! so when will we be able to see this movie??

  8. On Sep 10, 2009, Nephyr said:

    Wow Nickolas! I'm so glad to know you are gonna be on the big screen! Would love to see your acting performances. You surprise me everyday with your so many talents! Keep on rockin' man!

  9. On Sep 10, 2009, Meg said:

    Yay! New pics!! Is Fast Glass going to be released?

  10. On Sep 10, 2009, Reemo said:

    wow I almost forgot about this movie!!! so when is it coming out??!!

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