1. On Aug 5, 2009, Clau SC said:

    i want it, but I can't buy one at the moment :(

  2. On Aug 4, 2009, Sherri said:

    archived in history, eh

  3. On Aug 4, 2009, dilvsnick said:

    I hate pink, so it's a no for me this time around. Now if it were teal or purple....hehehe

  4. On Aug 4, 2009, Layze said:

    eh...well I think i'll wait for the next one ...

  5. On Aug 3, 2009, Laurabsbfan said:

    i can't wait to order it :)

  6. On Aug 3, 2009, samiii20 said:

    omg. I made the order. Can't wait for the next one.

  7. On Aug 3, 2009, Renate Izelin said:

    I made the order... YAY... Love the designs.. Dinosaurs are cool. =P
    Can't wait to get it... and can't wait to see what the others are gonna look like. This is fun!

    Thanks Nick... =)

    Still waiting for my poster tho... hmmm

  8. On Aug 3, 2009, Holly Bird said:

    I so want it ;)))))

  9. On Aug 3, 2009, Mariana said:

    I want that t-shirt!!!! but I don't know if buy it right now would be the best for me.... thanks and the shirt is great!!!

  10. On Aug 3, 2009, Ilze said:

    Cool! :) I like the T-shirt! And I am excited about the next ones... As this is the August one!
    And by the way, thank you, Nick for the poster you send to all of the NC members! :))) Love it. :)