Coming soon to FC members!

Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 1:06 PM by jennie(ctrl)
Coming soon to FC members!


Nick Carter will be releasing exclusively designed T-shirts available only to members. 

Only 100 t-shirts per design will be released before it is archived in history. 
New designs will be released every other month at a limited quantity, so get yours while they are still in stock. 

August release: Tyrannosaurus Nick

*Pre-orders for exclusive T-shirts will end August 7, or when 100 orders have been made, whichever comes first. 
T-shirts will be mailed out the week of August 24. 


  1. On Aug 1, 2009, BSBSavedMyLife said:

    Ha ha! Great! I ordered one! =D

  2. On Aug 1, 2009, Vanessa said:

    I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE DINOSAURS!!!! I'm getting this one. Great begining Nicky Boy ; )

  3. On Aug 1, 2009, spanishpitbull said:

    eh...well I think i'll wait for the next one this one is not very cool

  4. On Aug 1, 2009, *SteFaniA* said:

    Can you do something more feminine please??? At least I think here we're almost 99,9999% women... The picture is good but I mean something more feminine for the shirt shape... We have to show our beautiful bodys with our awesome shirts LOL

  5. On Aug 1, 2009, Almu said:

    hehehe, great!

  6. On Aug 1, 2009, said:

    OMG... sorry nick LOL NEVER ever i would wear it ^^ its to.... colorful LOL But Eliana ist right. Its soooooooo Nick xD Waiting for a better one nicky ;)

  7. On Aug 1, 2009, Lobke said:

    I don't get it, but my boyfriend refuses to where this shirt :O

  8. On Aug 1, 2009, Lobke said:

    I don't where t-shirts, make it as babydoll t-shirt or even better as a hoodie

  9. On Aug 1, 2009, Janske said:

    the price of the shirt is nice aswell!can't wait for the other shirts!

  10. On Aug 1, 2009, xxhollyheartsnick said:

    ah!! that's so awesome!! i'm so excited!! :)

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