1. On Aug 16, 2009, Renate Izelin said:

    Can't wait to get mine... =P
    If it shows up... still haven't seen my poster.. =(

  2. On Aug 12, 2009, Cate85 said:

    Cant wait to have my shirt =) !!! And exciting to see the one of October !!!

  3. On Aug 11, 2009, Layze said:

    I can't wait to see the October design! I would like that it might be about the single Straight Through My Heart or the new album!

  4. On Aug 10, 2009, Krista84 said:

    ****I would looove for him to do a tank top option for his designs !
    ...Hey Nick what do ya think ?;)
    Nick.net fans what do you think?

  5. On Aug 10, 2009, Frack's_Shorty said:

    I was think the same things, that it might be Halloween themed or maybe have something to do with the new album since it comes out in october, or both. hehe

  6. On Aug 10, 2009, Meg said:

    Super excited to see the October design! I wonder if it will be Halloween themed since Nick Loves Halloween? Can't wait!! :)

  7. On Aug 10, 2009, Frack's_Shorty said:

    I'm soo excited! I'm totally wearing it to class one day! hehe. I can't wait for the one in october!

  8. On Aug 9, 2009, Almu said:


  9. On Aug 9, 2009, brittanyheartsnick said:

    jamie i better see your ass wearing this shirt on campus in the fall. i know ill be wearing mine!!

  10. On Aug 9, 2009, Jaime said:

    Can't wait for my shirt to come!