Tyrannosaurus Nick Shirts Shipments Starting!

Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM by jennie(ctrl)
Tyrannosaurus Nick Shirts Shipments Starting!


T-Nick shirts have arrived and are being shipped out this week! 

The next round of Special Edition T-shirts concepted and by Nick will be in October. Only a limited run of this item will be available then they are sold out and will not re-printed. 


  1. On Feb 17, 2011, Gaby said:


  2. On Jul 16, 2010, matt said:

    I forgot to get one..... d'oh!

  3. On Oct 8, 2009, Meg said:

    Thanks Eddie!! I can't wait!! :)

  4. On Oct 8, 2009, Renate Izelin said:

    Can't wait to see the new one.. I love the DINO shirt!!!! Thanks for letting us know Eddie.. =P
    Give Nick a HUGE thank you from us. =)

  5. On Oct 4, 2009, eddie said:

    New shirt is coming soon!

  6. On Oct 2, 2009, primis said:

    it's such a cool shirt, wish i got it :(

  7. On Sep 26, 2009, samiii20 said:

    I'm looking forward for my t-shirt and my poster. They don't arrived yet. =(
    BTW I can't wait to the next one.

  8. On Sep 22, 2009, Renate Izelin said:

    Got mine today. =P YAY!!!
    I love it even more then I thought I would. It is so COOL! Def something I will wear.. Love the colors and design. Can't wait to see what the Oct shirt will be like. This is fun.

    Thanks Ground(ctrl) crew and Thank You, Nick!!! You're the best. =P

  9. On Sep 21, 2009, SwayShay said:

    When is the other shirt going to be up? I need to make sure I have money in the bank, LOL!! :)

  10. On Sep 19, 2009, Marissa_Dogan said:

    Can't wait for the other shirt,.

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