Digital-Only Membership

Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 11:30 AM by Vanessa
Digital-Only Membership

Some of you have asked for a digital-only fan club membership option, and we want to let you know that it's available now in the store!

  1. On Mar 3, 2011, Nickely said:


  2. On Feb 17, 2011, Gaby said:


  3. On Feb 13, 2011, LudivineBsbLoVeFrenchie said:

    please can you explain to me this ?????????? i can t understand what is it ?????????? thk so much lovely fans =))

  4. On Feb 6, 2011, Chryssa said:

    i just purchased that..... but i can't actually see anything.... :((
    FIX it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. On Feb 3, 2011, jennisao said:

    I got this digital membership because shipping of the mouse pad etc is too expensive...why doesn´t it really work, it always says the site you are trying needs a subscription hääääää????

  6. On Feb 1, 2011, Gaby said:


  7. On Jan 29, 2011, SwayShay said:

    I want to renew but I don't want another mouse pad... for renewal's do we get a new item? LOL

  8. On Jan 28, 2011, Christiana said:

    Happy Birthday Nick!! I hope it is amazing!

  9. On Jan 28, 2011, Bev Diehl said:

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day.

  10. On Jan 28, 2011, LudivineBsbLoVeFrenchie said:

    .... OUPS Oo someone can help me I don t understand .... thks so much :p

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