Sneak Peeks: Nick’s New Sound For His Upcoming Solo Album

Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 10:11 AM by User
Sneak Peeks: Nick’s New Sound For His Upcoming Solo Album
From a pop-rock Now Or Never to a cooler pop I’m Taking Off to a R&B infused Nick & Knight album, fans are excited to hear a newer sound from Nick and one that “he’s been wanting to do for years”, according to his Twitter. Judging from the past, nothing sounds better than something Nick is excited about. 
Described by Nick as “a happy feel good surf rock type vibe”,”home”, and “Nick in a jar”, he has been dropping song titles from the upcoming album and even sneak peeks of songs and new material through his Instagram and exclusive fanclub chats since March. Song titles have included:
“19 in 99”
“Cherry Pie”
“All American”
 “Second Wind” (Confirmed as being written with Natasha Bedingfield)
So, when can we expect to hear all of this new goodness? In March, Nick revealed that he already has a deal to drop the yet-to-be-titled album in Japan in July and is looking for distributors in the U.S. as well. It sounds promising that we’ll be getting to hear new material sooner rather than later!
To hear clips of a few of the new songs, head to Nick’s instagram account HERE
For even more exclusive information, upcoming chats, and more - join fanclub NOW! You don’t want to be the only one missing out on the perks when things start burning up. 
  1. On Nov 18, 2015, Paola Maria said:


  2. On Jun 18, 2015, Lacy said:

    All of the clips on instagram have sounded amazing! I can not wait for new music by Nick... and another solo tour wouldn't be a bad thing either. ;)

  3. On Jun 15, 2015, Jun said:

    I hope he still have plan to release in Japan at first...
    Hope he will come to Japan on his promo!

  4. On Jun 14, 2015, Birgit said:

    I'm so excited for this album! Just turned back from a week IAWLT touring in Brazil and already missing him! Any news about a solo Tour maybe? I'll be in Japan end of October - mid November. Would really be the CHERRY on the PIE! ;-)

  5. On Jun 13, 2015, KimTheKaotic said:

    I really can't wait to hear "all American" eep!!!

  6. On Jun 12, 2015, Nevena88 said:

    The one I'm most excited about are 19 in 99 and Second Wind! I would really LOVE to hear a Nick&Natasha collaboration one day,though!

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