1. On Nov 18, 2015, Paola Maria said:


  2. On Jun 18, 2015, Lacy said:

    All of the clips on instagram have sounded amazing! I can not wait for new music by Nick... and another solo tour wouldn't be a bad thing either. ;)

  3. On Jun 15, 2015, Jun said:

    I hope he still have plan to release in Japan at first...
    Hope he will come to Japan on his promo!

  4. On Jun 14, 2015, Birgit said:

    I'm so excited for this album! Just turned back from a week IAWLT touring in Brazil and already missing him! Any news about a solo Tour maybe? I'll be in Japan end of October - mid November. Would really be the CHERRY on the PIE! ;-)

  5. On Jun 13, 2015, KimTheKaotic said:

    I really can't wait to hear "all American" eep!!!

  6. On Jun 12, 2015, Nevena88 said:

    The one I'm most excited about are 19 in 99 and Second Wind! I would really LOVE to hear a Nick&Natasha collaboration one day,though!