1. On Jul 18, 2015, Franca Sparaco said:


  2. On Jul 14, 2015, GalinaLoveNick said:

    Nick I love you

  3. On Jul 14, 2015, GalinaLoveNick said:

    Nick hi how are you doing? I am surprised with you the fan

  4. On Jul 13, 2015, Lacy said:

    AJ as a villain... perfect casting! Excited to see the end result of this project. Way to go, Nick!

  5. On Jul 10, 2015, Lanaa said:

    I'm so excited for this movie! Sounds like it's gonna be alot of fun! ???? p.s loving all the updates on here!

  6. On Jul 10, 2015, Nevena88 said:

    I've had my doubts about this project but after watching Nick's panel I've decided this sounds like it can be a pretty awesome movie!Surprisingly,I'm looking forward to seeing AJ as a villain.