1. On Sep 13, 2015, Mcrystal91181 said:

    LOVE IT!! Can't wait foor his solo album and hope tour soon ;) HUGS

  2. On Sep 13, 2015, joanita said:

    ???? Means LOVE.....

  3. On Sep 13, 2015, joanita said:

    Sometimes you just know from the very first second you're in ???? with a song....this is one of them.
    I know it is just a few second but I can't help myself to push that repeat button.

  4. On Sep 13, 2015, Annabel van Wonderen said:

    Wow! I totally didn't expect this as the new single after hearing all those pop rock songs previews.. but I gotta say I love this and can't wait to hear the rest! I was already hoping for a more slower song to contrast the other songs so yayyy

  5. On Sep 13, 2015, Lanaa said:

    Can't wait to hear the whole thing! Very excited for the rest =) I hope soon is REAL soon! <3

  6. On Sep 13, 2015, Ana Lucia BSB Girl3 said:

    I really liked this melody
    How not to love?
    We love and support Nick Carter.
    Ana Lucia
    Twitter analubsbgirl