Album Update: “I Will Wait“ — COMING SOON!

Sat, Sep 12, 2015 at 5:51 PM by User
Album Update: “I Will Wait“ — COMING SOON!

Since Nick dropped the news in January that he was working on a solo album, fans have been clinging to every bit of released information in regards to it. While details have trickled out slowly (all which can be found here), the biggest piece of information has been that the album will be titled All American and will be released in Japan in November.

Until tonight.

Just a few minutes ago, Nick released a 15 second preview of his first single off the album, “I Will Wait”, via Facebook and sent fans into a wild frenzy. While there were hints that the video for the song had been shot last month, this is the first confirmation from Mr. Carter himself. Listen to the preview and share your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to keep checking back on for all of your future album updates – we don’t want you to miss a thing!

Coming soon... #IWillWait

Posted by Nick Carter on Saturday, September 12, 2015


  1. On Sep 13, 2015, Bianca van de Swaluw said:

    Just One Word...Emotion

  2. On Sep 13, 2015, Meg said:

    I've lost count as to how many times I'v watched this clip. haha! I'm so excited for all the amazing thing Nick is doing right now! Dead 7, DWTS, All American and hopefully a tour!

  3. On Sep 13, 2015, Lacy said:

    I have watched this clip more times than I care to admit. Very, very,very excited about the new music!

  4. On Sep 13, 2015, Mary0925 said:

    I can't wait! I wonder why it will be released in Japan first? When will get to purchase it in America?

  5. On Sep 13, 2015, Mcrystal91181 said:

    LOVE IT!! Can't wait foor his solo album and hope tour soon ;) HUGS

  6. On Sep 13, 2015, joanita said:

    ???? Means LOVE.....

  7. On Sep 13, 2015, joanita said:

    Sometimes you just know from the very first second you're in ???? with a song....this is one of them.
    I know it is just a few second but I can't help myself to push that repeat button.

  8. On Sep 13, 2015, Annabel van Wonderen said:

    Wow! I totally didn't expect this as the new single after hearing all those pop rock songs previews.. but I gotta say I love this and can't wait to hear the rest! I was already hoping for a more slower song to contrast the other songs so yayyy

  9. On Sep 13, 2015, Lanaa said:

    Can't wait to hear the whole thing! Very excited for the rest =) I hope soon is REAL soon! <3

  10. On Sep 13, 2015, Ana Lucia BSB Girl3 said:

    I really liked this melody
    How not to love?
    We love and support Nick Carter.
    Ana Lucia
    Twitter analubsbgirl

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