Celebrities React To Nick's 'Dancing' Debut

Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 6:00 AM by User
Celebrities React To Nick's 'Dancing' Debut

As we all know, Team SharNick made their dancing debut Monday night and social media lit up with anticipation and congratulations. The kind words, however, weren’t just from fans. Many celebrities took to Twitter to send their love and luck Nick’s way.

“Nick Carter killed it last night on DWTS ! Representin'  boybands well!” – Lance Bass

“Kill it on DWTS tonight Nick Carter!!!!!!!”  - Carrie Keagan

“Yeah!!! Good luck to my friend tonight Nick Carter on DWTS!!!!!! Your gonna do so good.” – Avril Lavigne

“YAS NICK CARTER!!!” – Snooki

“So great seeing Nick Carter  tonight on my TV killing it!!!!!” – Jon Knight

“Wishing good luck to my bro Nick Carter tonight on DWTS!!! Go get em' dude!!”  – Jordan Knight

"Alright everybody! You better vote for my little bro who killed it tonight on DWTS!!! Great job bro. I knew you had it in ya! Now let's take it all the way to the finals. Everyone go vote right now for my boy!!!" - AJ McLean

“Great job tonight Nick Carter! Representing and making me proud bro!”  – Howie D.

“Just catching up with #DWTS from last night.... I have to say "I don't like it, I love it"!!!!! Great job Nick!” – Brian Littrell

“Nick Carter killed it tonight on dancing with the stars! I'm so excited for this season!! Bring home that mirror ball Nick!!!” – Rochelle McLean (Wife of AJ McLean)

“Not that I expected otherwise but Nick Carter did GREAT on DWTS!” – Andrew Fromm (Songwriter)

Did we mention that Jimmy Kimmel also predicted Nick and Sharna to win the entire season?

Perhaps the most heartfelt words for Nick came from his pro dancing partner, Sharna Burgess, who had this to write for her post-show blog this week:

“I think Nick is incredibly talented, and I want him to realize that and find the confidence in himself to be that performer and that dancer that we all know he can be…” – Sharna Burgess

To read more of what she had to say about this week’s performance as well as which two dances the pair will be performing next week, click here.

Just a reminder - Dancing With The Stars will be on Monday and Tuesday next week with a new performance and an elimination each night. After next week, they will resume normal season schedule, airing on Monday night only. Check back here for all the updates!


  1. On Sep 17, 2015, KimTheKaotic said:

    Great article!!! I love this so much...Nick is getting such great feedback!!!! You can bet your butt I'll be voting 39 times each week!!!!

  2. On Sep 17, 2015, MAY GIRL said:

    #TeamSharNick you guys were AMAZING!!!! Didn't get to watch until the following morning being in the UK but it was just like watching two pros on that dance floor. Just another reason to love you even more :) x

  3. On Sep 16, 2015, Nickfan said:

    Wow Nick You're doing great so excited to see You dance my husband is even excited for You too

  4. On Sep 16, 2015, Mcrystal91181 said:

    He is going to be great every week and I think he is going to be a WINNER ;) xoxoxo

  5. On Sep 16, 2015, AllieRae said:

    Nick did so well! I'm so excited to watch Nick every week. Even my husband is watching and hoping Nick will win! :)

  6. On Sep 16, 2015, SwayShay said:

    I'm loving the show already!! I love that I can see this man's face weekly! :D

  7. On Sep 16, 2015, Jun said:

    Happy for reading many compliments for our Nick, it was so amazing!Can't wait to watch another dances, especially I'm looking forward to Foxtrot!;)
    I'm sure Nick gonna do GREAT! I will watch it online from Japan!

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