I'm Taking Off Track Listing

Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 10:50 AM by Vanessa
I'm Taking Off Track Listing

Track listing for I'm Taking Off Announced!




01. Burning Up (feat. Briton “Briddy” Shaw)
02. Not The Other Guy
03. So Far Away
04. Addicted
05. Special
06. Falling Down
07. Just One Kiss
08. Great Divide
09. Nothing Left To Lose
10. Falling In Love Again
11. I’m Taking Off

  1. On Mar 31, 2011, Jaquelina del Valle Gutiérrez said:

    I love it too, of course, our Nick is the best singer ever!!!!!!!God bless u forever!!!!!!

  2. On Mar 15, 2011, janey said:

    got my copy today!! Yay!!! =)
    i swear there's not a single bad track in the album.
    diggin it a lot!!

  3. On Mar 14, 2011, Rhiannon said:

    Im still waiting for mine to arrive, had to buy it from overseas but hopefull it'll b released here in Australia real soon, 1st of June would b perfect wat a great 30th pressie lol

  4. On Mar 13, 2011, Marissa_Dogan said:

    The cd is AMAZINGG,. Can't wait for the tour and see him live,.

  5. On Mar 12, 2011, frackgurl4ever said:

    love this cd

  6. On Mar 11, 2011, Sandra said:

    It's amazing! I love it

  7. On Mar 10, 2011, Evelien said:

    I love this album!!! :)

  8. On Mar 10, 2011, Lizet Villalobos said:


  9. On Mar 8, 2011, NKOTBSBFan86 said:

    Cant wait til this album comes out in the US!!!!!!!

  10. On Mar 5, 2011, JennayHeartNick said:

    Addicted is my favorite track...but..there's not a single, solitary bad track on this album. Nick, you should be more than proud of yourself with this piece of art you have constructed. Very nicely done..EVERY well done! Love it!!

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