Coming Soon: Baby Boy Carter!

Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 6:41 PM by User
Coming Soon: Baby Boy Carter!

After finding himself near the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard last week, we had no doubt that Nick would work extra hard this week to get back on top. This week’s Dancing With The Stars theme was Icon Week, referring to people who influenced or inspired the celebrity. Knowing Nick’s song was “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, we already had a good idea who his icon would be.

 In the past, Sharna Burgess has been known to choreograph contemporary routines that move people and tonight was no different as Mr. Carter had a big announcement to make. During the DWTS All Access tonight before his performance, Nick and Lauren revealed that rumors are true and a Carter baby is coming soon! He also revealed that he would indeed be using his contemporary routine to honor his wife, who he described as “the woman of his dreams” and credited her with changing his life.

Baring his soul in the opening package, Nick and Lauren revealed that after suffering a miscarriage earlier this year, they couple is now 16 weeks along! The dance was FLAWLESS. Barefoot and emotional, Sharna helped Nick tell his story through dance, leaving everyone in tears, including Nick himself.  Following the performance, he ran over to Lauren and the emotion in the room was powerful.

Carrie-Ann Inaba told Team SharNick that they took her breath away, while Julianne commended Nick for being a real dancer this week. The hardwork paid off as Nick and Sharna then received their first perfect score of the season, rendering a still-emotional Nick speechless.

As if this weren’t enough, there was also a surprise gender reveal! Nick and Lauren opened a huge box to reveal blue balloons and that their new addition, due in the Spring, will be a boy! Could this night get any better?

To answer that question – yes. Nick and Sharna, receiving the highest scores for the night, also received immunity for this week and 3 extra points on their score. This Monday could not get any better for Nick Carter!

Re-watch the dance that left the ballroom in tears and leave your congratulations messages for Nick and Lauren in the comments below! 


  1. On Nov 10, 2015, Mandy said:

    Congratulations Nick and Lauren I am so happy for your news and baby boy!!!

  2. On Nov 5, 2015, RosarioM said:

    nothing to say to you happiness in this new stage...will great parents care for your beautiful baby greeting from chile

  3. On Nov 3, 2015, Meg said:

    What a wonderful night! Congratulations Nick and Lauren!!

  4. On Nov 3, 2015, Lacy said:

    Would also like to add that Mommy-hood is especially beautiful on Lauren!

  5. On Nov 3, 2015, Lacy said:

    This night was perfect for so may reasons - Nick's sweet dance dedication to his wife, the flawless performance, and a perfect score! The BIG news and the life changing moment... IT'S A BOY! Congratulations to Nick and Lauren! Thank you for sharing your moment with us. We love you!

  6. On Nov 3, 2015, AlexSeiya_ said:

    It's hard for me to not staying emotional and explaining my feelings over everything that happened last night... I can't even in my native language... So I'll try my best to write the congratulations on the baby boy and being somehow original(?)! I admit, I had to rewatch the video of the dance several times because it got to the point of the dance I was already fully in tears of happiness that I couldn't focus too much on the performance... It has to be noted that "Can't help falling in love" is one of my favorite and most romantic songs...
    I'm proud of being a Nick and Lauren fan, their love is so true, real, amazing, they are just like 2 pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together... I mean, you can see miles away their love and support on each other... the miscarriage and the long waiting to be pregnant... that was heartbreaking... I am going through the same emotional madness even if everybody tells me "the more you look for a baby, the more time it'll take"... my mother wanted me to be born in the early spring of 1983, I was born in late december 1984 and she told me "the moment I said : I give up, whatever happens, happens" voilĂ , I was on the way... but when you're living it, it's different...
    Seriously, I cannot be happier, prouder and in love with them... A baby is a blessing, this baby is going to be the most loved one ever... I feel like we're all Aunties of baby boy Kitt-Carter and I promise I will protect Lauren and the baby with every power I have, being it the internet or anything else... SO CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR BUNDLE OF JOY ON THE WAY! Lauren thank you for the amazing person and wife you are! As a fan, I couldn't be more thankful that the person I have been following for a lifetime, has found somebody as beautiful, special, smart, caring, loving as you! It turned I am one of your biggest fans!
    As for the dance... It was perfection! The final touch on the belly still hits me every time I see it... THE PERFECT SCORE OF THE NIGHT WAS THE BABY ANNOUNCEMENT! It could've been whatever gender but I think we all agree we want him to be healthy! Like daddy Nick said!
    Thank you both on sharing with us the moment of the ultrasound (Nick and Lauren's smile was self-speaking) and the gender revelation! Just to let you know, last night I hope people used tissues made out recycled paper because, if everyone cried of happiness as I did (still do hihi)... it would be a problem for the environment!
    CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN ON THIS BABY BLESSING! Nothing makes me happier than seeing your family... that's hitting the jackpot in life!

  7. On Nov 3, 2015, Carol Johanna said:

    Oh and the dance was flawlessly BEAUTIFUL the #BackstreetArmy has your back!! your dedication and profesionalism astound me! I'm so proud of you!!! All your dances have been nothing but the best quality! Thanks Sharna for showing our boy how to ballroom dance!!!! #TeamSharNick #NickCarterDWTS #DWTS21 #KTBSPA

  8. On Nov 3, 2015, Carol Johanna said:

    I am beyond words I knew the rumors where true but I was waiting for either Nick or Lauren to confirm before I got excited! I haven't stop crying since I saw the DWTSAllAccess! This beautiful baby boy is going to be loved by so many!!! May God Almighty bestows upon him, Lauren and Nick many blessings! I'm so happy for you Nick, you deserve nothing but the best! Now you can say that you have your own little family! Can't wait to meet the new addition to the Backstreet family! Can't stop crying!!!!! #BabyBackstreetBoy

  9. On Nov 3, 2015, Cynthia 1932 said:

    there is nothing better than watching a man try to fight back the tears of the joy & love in his heart! and to see a woman completely swept off her feet by the praise & honor that her man expresses to her! Emotions and Actions speak words that are hard to say. The dance really felt like oceans waves along sandy beaches. Then it hits you in the chest, what is one to do, but cry?!?! A New Chapter is Starting - the Second Best Part of Life - Little Ones! with my best throwing arm {east coast to west coast}, i send all I possibly can of Happiness to Lauren & Nick ! {& the little guy!!!!!!!!!}

  10. On Nov 3, 2015, Xio Rmz said:

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!
    it was an emotional dance. I was in tears during the dance.... so happy!!

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