Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 9:10 AM by eddie

Let us all pray for the people in JAPAN. Our hearts are broken. Stay
strong. We are with you.

  1. On Apr 7, 2011, musicismylife said:

    Apparently there has been another strong earthquake today.... hope everyone over there is save...keeping Japan in my thoughts.

  2. On Mar 25, 2011, Sabrinas Corner! said:

    It must be horrorable for all these people over there not to know exactly what they have to expect. Japan is one of my favorite countries that I defenatly wanna see one time, I love the people and the culture which is so fascinating to me! Let us all pray for them and hope for any kind of mirracles, what they so badly need!!!!

  3. On Mar 14, 2011, SwayShay said:

    So today is my Birthday and I had some money for my bowling night with some friend's... .well I donated some of that to help! :)

  4. On Mar 14, 2011, Gizela said:

    My thoughts & prayers goes out to my JAPAN family & friends .. Adding to that to my Hawaii & Philippines relatives & closest friends as well,, be strong,, GOD will always be there for us.. i love you all!!!

  5. On Mar 13, 2011, Crazy4Music81 said:

    We're praying for you JAPAN!! BE STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. On Mar 13, 2011, Catherine said:

    The events of yesterday were devastating to watch on the news, so much so, that I immediately picked up a phone and donated. My thoughts and prayers are with the lost lives, survivors, relatives, the lost people who are yet to be found, and all the rescue workers that are still working day and night to save lives. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be there, but I'm praying for those who were. Much love to all! xxx

  7. On Mar 13, 2011, Nicole said:

    @Hiro, I hope you will find your relatives and friends...I'll pray for you...please let us know when you get some news...Take care

  8. On Mar 13, 2011, Me Veronica said:

    My Thoughts are with all the people over there,. Its terrible what is happen there,.

  9. On Mar 13, 2011, Hiro said:

    Thank you for prayers.
    I can't get contact from relatives yet. I'm very worried.

  10. On Mar 13, 2011, Jasy said:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all who get effected. I am still paralyzed and shocked. Its mothers nature warning how worse it get when we dont stop the mistreat. Hope this wont get even more horrible. Its so sad...

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