VIP Contest!

Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 12:50 PM by Vanessa

Check out the new contest up in the CONTESTS section of the site and sign up to win a VIP Upgrade to one of Nick's shows in Germany!

  1. On Apr 20, 2011, Audrey (bubu) said:

    FIVE people won now!? How come!!??

    Any more chance to win other vip's? :-D

  2. On Mar 31, 2011, Gaby said:


  3. On Mar 29, 2011, musicismylife said:

    all winners have been choosen, if you go on the contest site the four winners are shown under "recent winners".

  4. On Mar 29, 2011, letinick said:

    do you know the winner?

  5. On Mar 29, 2011, _judith_ said:

    And the winner is.....???? Omg I'm so fuck*** nervous!!! Finguers crossed! Good luck girls!

  6. On Mar 29, 2011, Naike said:

    WHO IS THE WINNER...????? I WANNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. On Mar 29, 2011, Jessica said:

    And the winner is....???

  8. On Mar 29, 2011, Ella-NL said:

    I wonder when they sent out the emails.. anyone lucky already?

  9. On Mar 28, 2011, Jessica said:

    This is my Birthday.

    I hope i have look and win!!

  10. On Mar 27, 2011, hotlips said:

    so need a vip i'm going to all of them and as a bsbfc member i'm extremely disappointed that the vips were not also available on their site, i'm now very stressed and let down that i didn't get the chance to buy a vip, as i would have bought vips for all the shows!!! please let me win one for ireland!!!

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