2016: The Year Of Nick Carter

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While 2016 might not have been the best year for everyone, it was definitely a good year if you’re Nick Carter or one of his fans! From beginning to the end, Nick OWNED this year. Let’s talk a walk down memory lane, shall we?

February 2016

After releasing All American in Japan in January, Nick hit several spots in the country to do some promoting and meeting fans, performing many of the songs on the album for the first time ever. By mid- February, he hit the road with Riley Biederer opening for him. His first solo tour since 2012 kicked off in California to a nearly sold out crowd.

March 2016

23 cities, a few lunch dates and afterparties later, the All American tour ended in Nashville, TN with two unforgettable back-to-back shows. Little did we know, it wouldn’t be the end!

Nick also made his first con appearance at Salt Lake City Comic Con to promote his movie Dead 7, which would premiere a week after tour ended.

April 2016

After treating fans that contributed to the Dead 7 indiegogo campaign to lunch in LA, Nick hit the red carpet on April 1st with cast mates and friends to finally premiere the movie we had all been anxiously waiting for. Many of us watched from home on Syfy as it premiered in different parts of the world for the next few months. One thing is for sure – fans were never prouder of Nick Carter.

The month ended with the birth of Odin Carter, who Nick and wife Lauren would both gush about on social media and on tour throughout the rest of the year. How could you not?!

He also brought his artwork back to the forefront, auctioning off several pieces for charity and donating the funds to children’s cancer research.

May 2016

After playing in a celebrity golf tournament to benefit the LAPD, Nick flew overseas with the rest of the Backstreet Boys to set sail for their first ever European cruise. The sold out cruise hosted fans from all over the world and was definitely one for the book, marking one of the first times we saw all five Backstreet Boys together in 2016.

June – July 2016

Along with a few more Con appearances and a performance with BSB at KTUphoria in New York, Nick continued the All American tour in July in South America, kicking it all off in Bogota, Colombia. Fans in South America flocked to the airports to greet him, lunch events for snacks and selfies, and the concerts, of course. Perhaps the highlight was Nick’s appearance on Legendarios in Rio, which happened after hundreds of fans tweeted using a hashtag the host created to invite Nick to be on the show. You can check out FC exclusive photos here.

August 2016

With Nick back in the studio with the Backstreet Boys and releasing a song with Florida Georgia Line, one might have thought the All American tour era had ended. That was not the case, however, and Canadians were pleased to hear that Nick was coming back for one more round in a 10+ city tour in November. The man is UNSTOPPABLE!

September 2016

One word – Vegas. September was the month that every Backstreet Boys fan had been wishing for since rumors of a test residency in Vegas had begun to swirl earlier in the year. In a surprise appearance at the iHeartRadio festival, Nick and the Boys confirmed that they would indeed be playing a run of shows at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas from March to July 2017. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, get them quick. This run of shows is said to be one of the quickest selling in recent Las Vegas history and currently the only thing the BSB have on the books as a group next year.

November 2016

Nick went back out on the road solo for the last time this year in Canada, hitting smaller cities as well as the usual, much to the delight of fans that wouldn’t have normally gotten the chance to see his show. Fans that purchased Ultimate VIP were treated to hang time on Nick’s bus before the shows and the concerts, with opening acts Dan Talevski and The New Electric, were stellar. It was really the perfect way to end an already amazing tour.

December 2016

Nick ended the year with a series on iHeartRadio JingleBall shows in select cities with the Backstreet Boys to promote their upcoming Vegas stint and, honestly, to blow the roofs off a few arenas. Concert goers young and old lit up social media with props to the group and were seen literally buying tickets to the Vegas shows at the end of the group’s sets. In between shows, Nick was voicing his opinions as a fan himself, speaking with several sports outlets about the way his Tampa Bay Bucaneers are performing this season.

Oh, and there was a little thing called Nickmas, which allowed fans to win things from Nick Carter in the spirit of giving and the holiday season. Even when he’s not on tour and doing appearances, Nick is still thinking of fans and doing what he can to bring everyone closer together!

This amazing year would, of course, not been possible without the support of so many fans around the world. You’ve shown up to concerts and appearances. You’ve liked, shared, and tweeted on social media. You’ve watched Dead 7 on repeat. You’ve joined the fanclub and socialized with other members.

You’ve supported Nick in every possible way and YOU have made it the year of Nick Carter. Share some of your favorite 2016 memories in the forum here or write a blog! We want to relive it all with you.

Can’t wait to see everyone in 2017! Things are only going to get more awesome and, shall we say, larger than life. 

  1. Gerrikka avatar

    On Jan 16, 2017, Gerrikka said:

    Ohh, my Nick is the best artist in the world. Really love you. I will never forget 15-16 july, 2016 Teatro Cariola, Chile. The most exciting moment of my life. Thank you for being Nick <3

  2. Sapna avatar

    On Dec 30, 2016, Sapna said:

    2016 is your year. So many great things happen to you this year. You are the best idol & the best dad in the world. Love you.

  3. Franca Sparaco avatar

    On Dec 30, 2016, Franca Sparaco said:

    2016 has been EPIC! Thanks Greatly Nick!

  4. Krazy4bsb avatar

    On Dec 30, 2016, Krazy4bsb said:

    Thank you Nick. If only you truly knew what you have done for me this past year! I honestly think you would be amazed! I am honored to be a Nick Carter fan! Even though I didn't get sound bites with you in Sarnia because you were so so sick. And yet you still performed even when you shouldn't have. And I tried to offer you Purtell and Wmergenc-C instead of talking to you about all the things I wanted to. All this, it makes me think back to the first time I met you in 1999 and gave you A Tampa Bay Bucks jersey and u took off the Indianapolis Colts one JR had made for you guys DURING YOUR CONCERT. EITHER billy or Marcus gave it to u from me. And u took the blue one off and put the one I bought for years u on. And now my jersey as well as myself are in the video THE ONE. What an honor. The little things that mean the most. Like I said if only you knew. Your music had kept me going. Thanks Nick!

  5. Ilze avatar

    On Dec 29, 2016, Ilze said:

    This year was a lot better because of Nick!! Really! New Album: with a song that still gives me goosebumps, every time, when I listen to it! (It's "I will wait") I enjoyed Dead 7 a lot more, that I ever imagined and Nickmas was so much fun! <3 Nick really knows how to make us happy! <3 I can't wait for 2017 !! :) It's so good to be a part of Kaotic Army!
    Thank you for a summary! :)

  6. ludivine avatar

    On Dec 29, 2016, ludivine said:

    J'aurais au moin eu un poster dédicacé ramené par frenchbackstreetteam et un grand merci à toute celle et ceux qui gère les fans club ,toujours la pour nous renseigner merci beaucoup

  7. ludivine avatar

    On Dec 29, 2016, ludivine said:

    Quel beau resume 2016 pour ma part je l'ai soutenue sur les réseau sociaux et pour 2017 j'espère vraiment le rencontré c'est mon plus grand souhait

  8. Karen Miska avatar

    On Dec 29, 2016, Karen Miska said:

    Excellent summary!
    Thank you so much for all your work, support and of course professionalism.
    2017 is coming and we're ready!!!

    Hugs ;)

  9. KTweidt avatar

    On Dec 28, 2016, KTweidt said:

    2016 sure has been a whirlwind! Getting to meet Nick for the first time, after waiting 18 years, was a mind blowing experience. While I may not have been able to do as many shows as others, I am incredibly grateful for the 3 shows I did get to see. I am looking forward to what 2017 has in store for Nick and BSB, and hopefully getting to Vegas in June to see the guys there!

  10. Cin De Seta avatar

    On Dec 28, 2016, Cin De Seta said:

    Its good to see the foto where I'm look at you singing, so near, so dreamed moments, love you!

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