WATCH: "God, Your Mama, And Me" Music Video Out Now

Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 11:20 AM by User

If you've been waiting patiently to finally see the music video for the Backstreet Boys' collaboration with Florida Georgia Line on "God, Your Mama, and Me", your wait is finally over! 

The song was released as a single last month while the two groups were busy shooting the video in Florida. Details released by Entertainment Weekly last week revealed that each boy was given a GoPro to do something special for their wives. Nick Carter, of course, did not disappoint. 

Check out the video below to see what surprises he pulled off and check out this People article to see more behind-the-scenes footage. 

What do you think about the collaboration? Sound off in the comments below! 

  1. Sapna avatar

    On Feb 28, 2017, Sapna said:

    I love this video. It's so adorable <3

  2. Fatima Oliveira avatar

    On Feb 27, 2017, Fatima Oliveira said:

    I loved this vídeo!!! My boys and your family....each family reside in my heart

  3. Tassia Monteiro avatar

    On Feb 27, 2017, Tassia Monteiro said:

    Amazing vídeo!! Your family is my family too.

  4. Franca Sparaco avatar

    On Feb 24, 2017, Franca Sparaco said:

    Love It! Beautiful Song and Video!

  5. Alex DeBellis avatar

    On Feb 24, 2017, Alex DeBellis said:

    were can find the behind the scenes footage besides that website for god your mama and me

  6. SwayShay avatar

    On Feb 23, 2017, SwayShay said:

    I love the concept they did for it! :) So amazing!

  7. sbkkb avatar

    On Feb 21, 2017, sbkkb said:

    This song is great! I've loved it since I first heard it and the video does not disappoint. One of my favourite parts (I'm sure it's probably a lot of people's) is Nick's solo, so I love that the director included his solo bit. I loved seeing all of the guys with their wives and children! That added a nice behind-the-scenes portion to the video and it was fun to see what may be coming up next. Great song + great video!

  8. Camilla camii_ni avatar

    On Feb 21, 2017, Camilla camii_ni said:

    I fell in love with this song since the first time I heard it. I never listen to it only once! This collab was a really happy meet of great voices and hearted men!
    Being a BSB fan for such a long time and having seen the boys grow up, find their true loves and having so beautiful kids...their lives are part of my life too.  The participation of the wives on the video was beyond special. The women who have been supporting them behind the scenes, bringing them to earth and giving them their own world, where they can be simply who they are...amazing humans, fathers and husbands!! Besides, Nick is amazing on the video, I absolutely love his voice on this song. And I can't say that my fave part is when he appears when his lovely wife and adorable little son! <3
    Thank you guys for such a beautiful song and an emotional and full of meaning video!

  9. Ilze avatar

    On Feb 21, 2017, Ilze said:

    I love that video so much!! It's so beautiful and romantic!! <3 All the wives and Backstreet Kids!! And so, so much love!!
    Nick looks amazing in it!! Thank you for sharing this on the site, too! :) Can't get enough of it today! LOL :D

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