Introducing 'Spotlight Story' - Exclusively For Fan Club Members

Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 8:00 AM by User
Introducing 'Spotlight Story' - Exclusively For Fan Club Members

The Nick Carter Fan Club has always been a place for fans to hang and share their stories, memories, photos and experiences with and about Nick. Now, it’s time to sweeten the deal for FC members with something called ‘Spotlight Story’.

Here’s how you get involved:

-          Every month, a new Nick-related topic will be posted in the forum.

-          Reply in the forum thread with a story or memory related to the topic.

-          We will randomly pick one of the “stories” to be our Spotlight Story for the month!

Simple, right?

The featured ‘Spotlight Story’ will be posted on and the FC member will win some really cool Nick Carter swag! Plus, you never know who will drop in to read it.

Mark your calendars - the first topic and more details will be posted on July 1st in the forum. Any FC member can win... all you have to do is share your story. 

Not a member yet? Join now!

  1. On Jul 15, 2017, Teresa Hughes said:

    Can't wait to meet you on Monday or Tuesday

  2. On Jul 2, 2017, Sara Taylor said:

    Hey guys! Thanks for your patience on the first topic -- check back on the forum in the next 24 hours for details. :)

  3. On Jul 2, 2017, Lacy said:

    Just checked the forum and didn't see anything posted yet. I suppose we still have a few hours left in the day. :) Am I overlooking?

  4. On Jul 1, 2017, RosarioM said:

    Great idea this is interesting...

  5. On Jun 30, 2017, iseladac said:

    Wow! It's a great idea ;) XOXO :D

  6. On Jun 30, 2017, Lacy said:

    L-O-V-E this idea!

  7. On Jun 29, 2017, Franca Sparaco said:

    Awe, love this! Thank you.

  8. On Jun 29, 2017, Rebecca Newton said:

    Very excited for this! Fingers crossed. :)

  9. On Jun 28, 2017, Lisa said:

    Great idea! Can't wait :)

  10. On Jun 28, 2017, ludivine said:

    J'adore toutes les idées que vous avez c'est génial j'aime les BSB depuis le début mes à mon grand regret je l'ai est jamais rencontré donc j'attend avec impatience toute vos histoire à lire j'adore

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