1. christina kelley avatar

    On Aug 12, 2017, christina kelley said:

    I have been a huge fan of bsb and always will. They have helped me threw a lot. Threw there live experiences and there music. Nick is doing wonderful helping they guys on boyband and showing his feelings as hes doing it. I have my 5 i hope get it but i am one person so we will see. Keep up the great work nick.

  2. princessjen718 avatar

    On Aug 10, 2017, princessjen718 said:

    I've been noticing a lot of the younger fans of the show have been displeased with Nick's judging, especially after JHype was eliminated. I find it a tad laughable that they don't trust the judgement of a man that's been in a boyband himself for the past, oh, 25 YEARS!!!

  3. sbkkb avatar

    On Aug 5, 2017, sbkkb said:

    I thought it was sweet of Nick to take time out of his really busy schedule to tweet the boys! I can't wait to see the outcome! You're doing an amazing job, Nick!