1. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On Nov 9, 2017, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    That was really great in October for the BSB! Nick was singing excellent that weekend!

  2. Lacy avatar

    On Oct 30, 2017, Lacy said:

    Walker Stalker Atlanta was an unforgettable weekend!

  3. Emma Hill avatar

    On Oct 30, 2017, Emma Hill said:

    Is Nick going to be at the other ones? I really would like to go to Chicago's in April, but I was hoping Nick was going to be there too :)

  4. Babydoll22 avatar

    On Oct 25, 2017, Babydoll22 said:

    Wish I was goin can't wait to see pics I'm always cheering u on lots of love support always so proud of u Nick ur fan4Ever in South Carolina woohoo