1. Monica12 avatar

    On Jan 28, 2018, Monica12 said:

    I hope you enjoy your birthday.Happy birthday to my favorite Backstreet Boy.You are the best.With love from Monica in Arizona.

  2. deanamarie avatar

    On Jan 28, 2018, deanamarie said:

    I legit would die to win this haha Would make my Vegas trip even more unforgettable!

  3. MERiE CARTER avatar

    On Jan 28, 2018, MERiE CARTER said:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy, happy in your day, little friend, may God bless you, may your dreams come true and be very happy with your family and friends. Happy 38 @nickcarter ????????????

  4. silvana gjoka avatar

    On Jan 25, 2018, silvana gjoka said:


  5. Randy1999 avatar

    On Jan 24, 2018, Randy1999 said:


  6. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On Jan 24, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    Thank you Nick! This would be really excellent. You are going to celebrate your birthday in Las Vegas, NV. I am just a few states away in Colorado!

  7. Ash Lynn avatar

    On Jan 23, 2018, Ash Lynn said:

    I wish I could make it, but of course, I don't get to have any fun! :(
    I'm depressed about this. It sounds wonderful! I hope you have an amazing 38th birthday, Nick. ????

  8. Sara Taylor avatar

    On Jan 23, 2018, Sara Taylor said:

    Leslie -- you can find your password to purchase during the FC presale in your email. There is only one type of ticket - everyone's a VIP! :)

  9. Leslie avatar

    On Jan 23, 2018, Leslie said:

    FYI: An email was sent out for the fan club on sale with the password a little after 800am.

  10. ChrissyLov391 avatar

    On Jan 23, 2018, ChrissyLov391 said:

    I had a dream about you the other night that we took selfies together it would be my dream come true to take a pic with u I wish I could come but I have to work that day :(