1. On Jan 29, 2018, Rachel Harrison said:

    Happy Birthday Nick...sending much love from Australia, looking forward to seeing you on the cruise...love you! RachelXx

  2. On Jan 29, 2018, nicegenegrae said:

    ???? Happy Birthday!
         ????      ????      ????
         ????      ????      ????
         ????      ????      ????

    Here's your birthday cake! ????

  3. On Jan 29, 2018, nicegenegrae said:

    Hi Nicky! Happy happy birthday again.. I also get emotional when singing your song "I Got You" not that I had a child but I've always been thinking that I got You! ???? Such a beautiful song.. Well, have a blast on your birthday shows.. Hugs and kisses to Odin! ???? God bless you and all your family everyday.. ????

  4. On Jan 29, 2018, writer04 said:

    Happy Birthday Nick!
    Fyi...I miss you playing drums & guitar too! Lol ???? Hope your birthday was as special as you are! See you in 2018 on your world tour!

  5. On Jan 29, 2018, MoonStar said:

    Happy 38th birthday Nick !!! Hope you had a blessed day filled with love and light hun . Much love , MoonStar

  6. On Jan 29, 2018, iseladac said:

    Happy birthday Nick! :D
    Hope you have an awesome day. The best wishes.
    Kisses and hugs from Mexico :)

  7. On Jan 29, 2018, LIZ A WADE said:

    Happy Birthday Nick. I hope u saw my Instagram to you (BrooklynBella418). Can't wait to celebrate your Bday with u on Thursday. This was a great post. We should talk Ghosts. Something we definitely have in common. Love u. See u soon ????

  8. On Jan 29, 2018, BSB4Life said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!! Hope you had an AMAZING day!!!!

  9. On Jan 29, 2018, Melissaann1999 said:

    Happy Birthday Nick :)

  10. On Jan 28, 2018, SianaJaii said:

    Loved this Post! Thank you for sharing! Nick Carter I think you are amazing and you inspire me everyday to be a better person. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 38th Birthday! Wish I could be there for Your Birthday Party, I know you will have a wonderful time and I will be there with you in spirit. Hope I get to meet you one day. Much love from Australia xox