1. Ilze avatar

    On Jul 9, 2018, Ilze said:

    Love these interviews! And all the attention that the Boys and Don't Go Breaking my heart gets! That song is amazing!

  2. SugarKane avatar

    On Jun 21, 2018, SugarKane said:

    I was having a pretty stressful week at work and watching these interviews made me forget all about it. :) so excited for what the Boys got for us in the near future!

  3. Meg avatar

    On Jun 20, 2018, Meg said:

    All of these appearances and interviews are making me so excited! I just love when the BSB world blows up like this!

  4. SilleTravn avatar

    On Jun 20, 2018, SilleTravn said:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

  5. Monica12 avatar

    On Jun 20, 2018, Monica12 said:

    The last BSB concert I went to was Valentines Day 2018 this year,I plan to be back in Vegas to see Nick in November! I love you Nick! Please follow me on Twitter My username is @MonicaChuidian1.

  6. HopeLeigh avatar

    On Jun 20, 2018, HopeLeigh said:

    Not just the boys are ready for everything new! ;-) Can’t wait for new music, a tour and so much more! Withdrawals suck!!