1. royals99 avatar

    On Aug 18, 2018, royals99 said:

    Dear Nick,

    My son goes to Robert E. Lake Elementary and I also volunteer at the school a few hours every day. I just wanted to say thank you, to you and the Backstreet Boys, along with the other sponsors for the backpack and school supplies. My son really loves the fidget spinner.

    Melissa Ruiz

  2. Ilze avatar

    On Aug 8, 2018, Ilze said:

    Firstly, wanted to reply to a previous comment on here: Debbie! You have a big heart, as well! Thank you for all you do. We need more of people like you doing good and inspiring people to help each other.

    And back to Nick. Wish media would wrote more about stuff like this. Nick and Lauren definitely have big hearts and they inspire people to do good. And this is important!
    But, at least, this is for everyone to read on Fanclub, so.... Thank you, Nick and Lauren! I really appreciate this!

  3. Lady Debbie avatar

    On Aug 7, 2018, Lady Debbie said:

    Nick and Lauren that’s just totally awesome!!!! You guys have HUGE HEARTS ! :) I volunteer every 4th Friday of the month at my local Salvation Army kitchen preparing food for our community supper for those who need help and are hungry also for those who are alone who can come down and talk to others and not feel so isolated , now with other ladies we are knitting scarfs, wool hats , mittens
    To put outside our Salvation Army Christmas tree who ever many need these items can take them , as you know it can get very
    Cold in winter in Montreal , it’s great giving back to the community and helping those in need