Behind The Scenes: The Ultimate Nick Carter Fan Experience

Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 6:00 AM by User
Behind The Scenes: The Ultimate Nick Carter Fan Experience

Since 2016's All American tour, Nick Carter has been increasingly more dedicated to finding ways to connect with fans and create the most opportunities possible to get one on one time with them. Not only do fans get to sometimes hear songs they might not hear onstage during lunch events, they get to ask questions, share their opinions and, often, they become privy to insider information that you'd only find out at these events!

In the past week, not only has Nick had brunch with fans in Buenos Aires and opened an invite to sit in on a day in the studio with him (which we will be posting about soon), he has continued offering the Ultimate VIP option before shows. This is a chance for fans to enjoy time with Nick and a very limited number of fans as he chills out before taking the stage, getting to watch him perform from a spot ON the stage, and getting to see him afterward before you head home for the night.

But what better way to get an idea of what really goes down than to hear from a fellow fan? Ally recently attended Nick's concert in Mexico City and was an Ultimate VIPer for the night. Read her review below.

"What is a Nick Carter Ultimate VIP experience like? It's everything you'd expect it to be and more! We started with the meet & greet picture where us Ultimates were brought in first into the completely empty venue to be the first fans that day that got to see and talk to Nick one on one! He was his amazing smiling self ready for a big old hug and and hello! And for us, the VIP experience did not stop after our picture with Nick was snapped, it had just gotten started. 

The venue was a little small so Nick's team didn't have an easy job finding the perfect place for us to hang out but they figured it out... what's more perfect than Nick's dressing room? Justin, Mike and Eddie took amazing care of us while we had to wait a little bit for Nick to be ready to see us, then they brought us into his dressing room. 

Nick was just casually sitting there playing Help Me on his guitar and singing when we entered the (tiny) room - an 'OMG! moment' for sure! His stage clothes were hanging right there ready for him, some food and drinks on the table... we were really in his private room! And there were only 8 of us! Nick was so welcoming, offering us food talking about anything and everything, he was open to answer any questions and asking us questions as well, trying to get to know us all better too! He trusted us with quite a bit of new info about his show and upcoming stuff so my lips are sealed with regards to what exactly we talked about... but exciting things are going to happen :) 

Oh and obviously you could take selfies and selfies and selfies... Nick offered all of us Champagne and gave a toast, we talked some more, he topped us of with champagne again (yes, he did all that himself). 

When it was time for him to get ready for the show, he made sure to tell us he'd see us again after the show and his team escorted us onto the stage where they had set up tables and chairs for us side stage! And bottles of champagne for us to drink for free all night. They made sure we had everything we needed and truly made us feel like the ultimate VIPs! The show was amazing, he sounded absolutely incredible (how can he even get any better?). He even sang Don't wanna lose you now! No matter how many shows you've seen, enjoying it side stage is a very special experience. 

After the show Justin came to escort us backstage so we could see him again, take more selfies and say our goodbyes. And let me tell you, meeting Nick after his energetic show was an absolutely amazing experience on it's own! It felt so good to tell him what an amazing job he'd done and he appreciated the feedback. He was all smiles as were we. It's gonna be tough to go back to being a regular concert goer after that day/night! 

So would I recommend it? Only if you're ready for one of the best and most memorable experiences of your life..."

There's only a few more nights to experience being an Ultimate VIP! If you're interested, click here. As a wise man once said, Now or Never.

  1. On Oct 5, 2018, BRENDA CHAVEZ ORTEGA said:

    I dreamt with that, and I didn't get it in Guadalajara, because he left...
    Still waiting for my refund, but there is no clear answer from WU. I don't know what to do.

  2. On Sep 7, 2018, Tomoko Nishioka said:

    Oh my gosh, WHY oh WHY am I not anywhere close to South America? :(( This sounds just amazing and absolutely priceless. Please Nick, maybe you can have one or two somewhere in Asia...I’d fly right in! Thanks Ally for the I can’t sleep imagining what it would be like experiencing it myself! ;)

  3. On Sep 7, 2018, Ilze said:

    This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

  4. On Sep 6, 2018, Camilla camii_ni said:

    I loved reading this!!
    I can’t wait for my second Ultimate vip experience on Saturday!! xx

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