1. Miss clare murtagh avatar

    On Oct 17, 2018, Miss clare murtagh said:

    We love you ?????? - from London ????????????????

  2. Tomoko Nishioka avatar

    On Oct 14, 2018, Tomoko Nishioka said:

    Love you from the other side of the globe! Can’t visit and see you as often as I used to in Japan but my love for you hasn’t changed a bit since day 1. Can’t wait to see you soon...all my love from Singapore! Love Tomo xx

  3. JulieOrr avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, JulieOrr said:

    Hi Nick <3

  4. Jun avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, Jun said:

    I'm looking forward to new music video,
    It looked amazing already!

    And there is another run at Vegas residency that I will attend from Japan!
    Can't wait to see you Nick, hope you're ready for your Japanese loyal fan;)

  5. Clau SC avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, Clau SC said:

    Can't wait to see Nick and the boys in Vegas next month!! Nick is unstoppable!! I'm so excited for what's comming!!!

  6. Ash Lynn avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, Ash Lynn said:

    Yes! Keeping up with Carter is never boring, it seems! I can't wait for all the BSB stuff coming up, especially the 2nd single! The boys never disappoint <3

  7. AlexSeiya_ avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, AlexSeiya_ said:

    Quickly Nick... I’m so very proud of you and the guys

  8. Vero Nieva avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, Vero Nieva said:

    Te amo mi rubio hermoso! Gracias por hacernos parte de tu vida .. amo tu linda familia, y agradezco a dios por hacerme tu fan!! Te amo..??

  9. Lacy avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, Lacy said:

    It’s hard to keep up with Carter these days :)

  10. Camilla camii_ni avatar

    On Oct 12, 2018, Camilla camii_ni said:

    Nick is unstoppable and as I like to say, being a Nick Carter fan is never being bored!! I’m still recovering from his amazing tour he so lovely brought to us in SA! I love tha he had such a quality time with his family! And even being so dedicated to his dad duties (better pleasures) he found some time to share his happiness with us, which is very much appreciated :). I feel that there’s so much coming to us this weekend and I can’t wait for what comes next!!