1. Evehaak avatar

    On Aug 18, 2019, Evehaak said:

    Nick, anyway you can make a wish come true for this young mother who has been granted tickets to your Milwaukee WI show. I don't personally know her but it sounds like she a huge fan of the band & you. Story below - thank you-
    In 2018 her doctors told her she has less than a year to live…however she’s determined to write a different ending to her story. Valerie spends her days looking after her babies and making women feel gorgeous as a Mary Kay Director.
    Valerie is a go-getter, selfless, and makes everyone in the room feel beautiful and loved. Please help this young mother, doting wife, amazing friend, and beautiful soul receive her number one dream of seeing the Backstreet Boys!
    Check out what Valerie’s best friend and nominator said about her love of BSB. “Valerie and I have ALWAYS been fans of the Backstreet Boys, especially Nick Carter! We have seen them together several times, we are super fans since childhood! Our bedroom walls were wallpapered with the photos, we own every album, VHS tape, seen every performance on every show…. even our volleyball jerseys in high school had the number of our favorite boys birthdays. These concerts are some of our best memories. Lets make some magic happen for Valerie!

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    On Jul 28, 2019, Ilze said:

    Nick is such an amazing person and a great idol!! I'm so proud to be his fan!!

  3. andreinacarter avatar

    On Jul 23, 2019, andreinacarter said:

    Eres el hombre más dulce que conozco

  4. JulieOrr avatar

    On Jul 23, 2019, JulieOrr said:

    Aww You’re so sweet Nick see you in Indy got a big hug with your name on it