1. On Aug 25, 2019, littledoll said:

    I love hearing about the charity works Nick and the boys are doing <3 :o) Aside from feeling good, the fact that you are able to make others feel good about themselves even for a little bit, goes a long way.

    Seeing the children filled with enthusiasm while singing, I've been pondering about it for quite a while now ever since the boys mentioned putting up a business like a bar. A bar would only entail a lot of headache and troubles. Why not put up a talent center instead catering to kids that can become future artists and musicians, dancers and all that? Wouldn't that be amazing?

    The way the boys have started their careers and that they are packed with talent, to be able to do that for others sounds the neatest way in sharing their talent.

    From fear of might losing our home, to knowing the boys are able to help those in need, makes me feel that we are not alone. Props up and always with much love, I love you Nico my Mr Sunshine Love, Lorelie <3 :o)

    ps Nick believed in himself when someone, Ma'am Sandy believed in him and saw in him how special Nick is <3 :o)

  2. On Aug 23, 2019, Camilla camii_ni said:

    I feel so proud of the boys when they do these things. And I’m also sure they do things that we don’t even know. They’re truly kind and grateful and they know how to use their “power” to help others.
    I’m proud especially of Nick, because he is so sensitive and he is very hands-on about charity. When he has his heart touched by something, he goes for it, he tries to understand what’s going on and he puts his soul on it. He is so inspiring! I hope we all could be a bit more like him!

  3. On Aug 23, 2019, Elia Esther said:

    Wowww, felicidades

  4. On Aug 23, 2019, Ilze said:

    Everything Nick and these Boys do!!! They are truly the biggest idols!! All of them!! I'm so proud to call myself a Backstreet Boys fan!

  5. On Aug 22, 2019, JulieOrr said:

    Hi Nick see you in Indy