1. Lovassoa avatar

    On Oct 9, 2019, Lovassoa said:

    Really want to see just one show of BSB before dying.???? we are so far away and so poor to reveive them. I love you so much. Nick my idol ever and ever.

  2. Nathalievm avatar

    On Sep 30, 2019, Nathalievm said:

    Nick, so exciting this last period! So good for you that the baby is coming. Enjoy it. We enjoy it. It is awarded you so !!

  3. Ilze avatar

    On Sep 27, 2019, Ilze said:

    So proud of Nick! And so excited about him and Lauren!!
    Nice article, by the way! ;)

  4. JulieOrr avatar

    On Sep 26, 2019, JulieOrr said:

    Can’t wait to see that cute little baby