1. JulieOrr avatar

    On Oct 20, 2019, JulieOrr said:

    Congratulations she’s beautiful

  2. sbkkb avatar

    On Oct 19, 2019, sbkkb said:

    Congratulations Nick, Lauren & big brother, Odin! Saoirse is beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a private & special moment with the world. I am teary-eyed every time I see the video. I'm so happy for you!

  3. Nathalievm avatar

    On Oct 16, 2019, Nathalievm said:

    Nick, I'm so happy for you.
    A boy and a girl, royal couple.
    And all healthy. What Lauren did a great job! I enjoy the pretty pictures. What a beautiful daughter you have.
    A daughter is just different. They get everything done with their eyes. This little doll knows that already. Great. Enjoy!

  4. Ilze avatar

    On Oct 11, 2019, Ilze said:

    This is so beautiful! Saoirse is such a beautiful girl! I'm so proud of Lauren and Nick! Missing words! But wishing them four all the love! They have finally deserved happiness!

  5. Lova Ssoa avatar

    On Oct 11, 2019, Lova Ssoa said:

    So happy for you Nick. What an awesome husband and dad you are. Welcome in thos world Saoirse! Wjzy a wonderful name! Congrats to Carter's family. Hugs for you all. Odin gonna be a very good big bro like your daddy. Kisses and hugs. Love you. Fan or ever and ever.

  6. GizellelovesNick avatar

    On Oct 10, 2019, GizellelovesNick said:

    Congratulations Nick, Lauren, and big brother Odin. I’m so happy for your rainbow ???? baby. You are complete now. Lauren, take it easy for now especially after having a C-section. I’ve had C-section for both of my boys too and it hurts. Just let Nick do all the heavy household chores for now. Your first priority is to get your strength back.

  7. Daile avatar

    On Oct 10, 2019, Daile said:

    You guys are amazing i cant wait too see little sissy grow with Odin Lauren you are a true Rockstar .