Join Nick for Unplugged Events in Mexico + South America!

Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM by User
Join Nick for Unplugged Events in Mexico + South America!

Nick Carter is headed back out on the DNA tour with the Backstreet Boys in less than a month and, as always, he wants to spend as much time as he can with as many fans as possible. What better way to do that than by sprinkling a few solo events in between Backstreet shows?

That's right -- Nick is bringing his guitar to South America and Mexico to serenade fans  in select cities. Not only will attendees be treated to a private acoustic set, but a meet and greet as well, where a photo will be taken with you and Nick! 

Sound good? All you have to do now is get tickets!

NICK CARTER FAN CLUB presale will take place on Monday, 2/3 @ 9am PST.


If you are not yet a fan club member, don't worry! You can purchase your membership here or here and still join in the presale on Monday.

All locations can be found and tickets can be purchased here.

We can't wait to see you!

  1. Angiecita avatar

    On Feb 27, 2020, Angiecita said:

    No me ha llegado información sobre el evento en San José, Costa Rica. En donde va a ser, por favor?

  2. KarynaDel avatar

    On Feb 24, 2020, KarynaDel said:

    Para el evento de Monterrey por favor, alguien sabe el lugar donde puedo checarlo?? Gracias

  3. Mariamcesc avatar

    On Feb 24, 2020, Mariamcesc said:

    Hola! Alguien sabe en donde podemos ver las fotos que nos tomaron del evento?

  4. Stephanie_cheer89 avatar

    On Feb 23, 2020, Stephanie_cheer89 said:

    Alguien sabe algo del meet de Monterrey? No me ha llegado nada y la app sigue sin actualizar ????????????

  5. Lis_vs avatar

    On Feb 21, 2020, Lis_vs said:

    Muchas graciaaaas Paty!!!! ^-^

  6. Patricia g alvarez v avatar

    On Feb 21, 2020, Patricia g alvarez v said:

    Así es Lis, es mañana a las 11 pero ahora en la puerta 5!!!

  7. Lis_vs avatar

    On Feb 21, 2020, Lis_vs said:

    A mi no me llego el correo... entonces es en el mismo lugar???

  8. Viridiana GG avatar

    On Feb 21, 2020, Viridiana GG said:

    Hola! Entren a la app del evento ya actualizaron los boletos es mañana a las 11!

  9. Andrea lomeli avatar

    On Feb 21, 2020, Andrea lomeli said:

    Chicas chequen sus entradas ya actualizaron el evento :)

  10. Claudia Carolina Ceballos Cruz avatar

    On Feb 21, 2020, Claudia Carolina Ceballos Cruz said:

    Paty, mil gracias por la información. Y pues a estar al pendiente, saludos!

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